Embroidery 101 - Supplies

Arlene LorenzoComment
embroidery supplies

You've seen them everywhere, those beautiful hand embroidered designs on clothing, art or home decor items.  And you're wondering, how do I do that?! Don't worry, I'm on a mission to teach you how! 

Embroidery is as simple as sticking a needle in and out of a piece of fabric. Sounds easy, right? It gets better. You only need a few basic items to get started. Once you learn a few basic stitches, you can combine them to create beautiful samplers or create your own patterns. 


Embroidery Samplers

Embroidery Samplers

 Here's a list of what you need to get started. 



embroidery hoop

fabric (cotton, linen, felt)

embroidery floss or yarn

small sharp scissors

Now that you've gathered your supplies it's time to learn how to attach the fabric to the embroidery hoop.