My World

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I’ve decided to get more personal and share what made me want to learn how to embroider. I’ve been posting on Instagram but I’ve decided to blog since my captions are novels. There’s a character limit; who knew?!

I don’t talk much about being a mom there. I do it to protect my kids and my relationship with them. I love them more than words can express. 

If there’s one thing that I’ve gotten right is being a mom and I can see it in their eyes and our conversations how much they love me. And how much they love and respect each other. I hope that when they’re older they can count on each other; but that’s up to them. :) 

They’re not that little now and I still sing them a lullaby at night and tuck them into bed every night that they’re with me. 

I became a single mom 3 years ago and when that happened; I had no idea how hard co- parenting was going to be to and not being able to see them every day. 😢Is that even the right emoji for crying? Lol I’m 39; I feel like a dinosaur using social media some times. Lol 

Anyways, back to my kids. They’re smart, funny, talented, respectful and resilient. One is in theater; one is in choir and other programs. They have excellent grades and while I make sure they do their best in everything that they do; I never expect perfection from them. That’s a lot of pressure. 

They were born in the US but they’re  proud of their Puerto Rican heritage too. They both love going to the beach in PR and the food; when we go there to see family. While out shopping for clothes; one of them said: “Mom, buy me that T-shirt. It’s the color of #mayoketchup”. 😂 The other one could eat “tostones”; fried plantains every day with the #mayoketchup. lol

We’re just like any other family. We sing, we laugh, we dance in our living room. We cook together; they’re in charge of helping making the #sofrito like most hispanic kids. 

We go hiking, make art together, visit museums, go to the pool, movie theater, bowling and to the arcades like most families. When I got divorced; I would take them out way too much just to occupy our time but then I slowed down and learned to enjoy the little moments with them again. 

They’ve had a good life; traveling and visiting new cities, theme parks, concerts, basketball games and trying new foods. We’ve lived in Puerto Rico, Utah, California, Florida and Texas. We used to move on average of every two years before we decided to stay in TX. They’ve switched schools and left behind friends probably more times than the average kids. It was hard when one parent’s job required them to move a lot. 

Every time that we move I would focus on the good parts about moving to a new place (the local food and entertainment and meeting new people) and encourage them to keep in touch with their cousins and friends. So far it has worked. 

I don’t know where I was going with this novel today. lol I just felt like talking about my world; my kids.