Free Style Embroidery - Flowers

Arlene LorenzoComment
My first free style rose

My first free style rose

I’m always trying to challenge myself to learn and create new designs.

I had this vision that I wanted to embroider roses, leaves and other flowers. I knew that I wanted to create an original design so I began to brainstorm ideas of how I could make them happen. Drawing directly on the fabric wasn’t an option; I wanted the freedom of being able to create the design without a pattern and to be able to modify it in the process.

This is when I began to “draw” on the fabric with thread. I wish I could say that I loved the first flower that I “drew” but I didn’t. It took several times of removing threads, changing up the shapes and a couple of trips to In N Out burger to release the frustration. I’m guessing all those things helped; I was able to create the flower that I had in mind.

Watch the video and see how my flowers are born!

embroidery wall art

I love combining different shapes with different shades of threads! Aren’t they pretty?

Which one do you like the best?