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un dia a la vez
one day at a time

How do you deal with feeling overwhelmed?

Every time that I call my sister; she reminds me that I should take things “one day at a time” or en Español’ “un dia a la vez.” It’s easier said than done.

I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my work and I used to feel overwhelmed with wanting to accomplish everything right away. I would get discouraged and overwhelmed if I didn’t see results right away. I’ve mentioned this before; I used to own another business a few years ago and I blogged once. I gave up right away; only one person read the blog besides my sister.

I’ve learned lately that consistency is important and I’ve been knocked down so many times that I’ve built resiliency to keep going. I have a strong and stubborn personality; that doesn’t work in my favor most of the times. I’m sure you agree.

How do I deal with perfectionism and feeling overwhelmed? Most nights; I write down two important goals for the next day and I try to just focus on those two things. And when those two items are crossed off my list; I can do the rest of things that I want to do that day.

These goals for the day can be attending a networking event, embroider a new item, create a new design, make a new YouTube video or tutorial, work on my website or Instagram novels. lol Or it can be something simple as going grocery shopping and meal prepping on my days off.

I don’t know how or why; I keep meeting people that value my work and push me to become better at what I do.

In the past week; I attended a really helpful networking event at my favorite co-working place; which I was a member of for a while ago because I’ve always had the intention of building a business that gives back to the community and they’re all about that.

Last month; I joined a group of very talented individuals that also work in fiber arts and I was brave enough to walk into the store of someone who’s work I admire very much and got a mentoring session and plans for collaborations. I can’t wait to show you what I’ll be working on!

I’m so grateful and I’m happy. And I always get that little feeling in the back of my head saying I don’t deserve it. It’s sad! #ineedtobuildconfidenceforlife